The Garden City

Some of the public parks and gardens not to be missed for either delegate or partner activities include:

Japanese Garden

One of the world’s top ten of its kind outside Japan and located at the University of Southern Queensland, the Japanese Garden is Australia’s largest and most traditionally designed Japanese stroll garden. On a 4.5 hectare site, it has an estimated 50,000 visitors every year who walk the three kilometres of paths and view 230 species of Japanese and Australian native trees and plants. A large lake straddled by signature red curved bridges combine with lawns to provide seamless and restful harmony. Not to be missed.

Laurel Bank Park

On a 4.5 hectare site, this charming park has a collection of exotic trees including English and Spanish oaks, ginkos and Japanese maples. As well as grassed areas large enough for marquees, there is flower gardens, playground equipment and a charming gazebo. A croquet green and hall are on site. Within Laurel Bank Park are Scented Gardens, designed for the vision impaired, its fragrant foliage enjoyed by all.

Queens Park

Centrally located on Margaret Street, the 26.3 hectare Queen’s Park was given to Toowoomba Council in 1865 and European species of trees were planted shortly after for enjoyment now in their maturity. The park is a hub for families with extensive playground equipment including an area for those in wheelchairs, green sporting fields, a parterre garden, an off-leash dog area, and paths for bike riding and walking. During the Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers, there are displays of flowering bulbs and annuals, and Queen’s Park is the site for the Flower, Food and Wine Festival.

State Rose Garden

The rosarium is located within historic Newtown Park, bounded by Holberton, Taylor, Tor and Pottinger Streets. More than 1,500 roses species include floribunda, hybrid tea, David Austin and climbing varieties. Of special interest are the Titian and Carabella roses, which were bred in Toowoomba.

Picnic Point

This Toowoomba icon overlooks Tabletop Mountain and the scenic farming panoramas of the Lockyer Valley to the east, reinforcing Toowoomba’s lofty location 700 metres above sea level. Enjoy floral gardens, grassed areas for picnics or games, BBQ’s and a cafe, restaurant and conference centre.The park is over 65 hectares and a number of graded and signposted walks start here, ranging from 500 metres to five kilometres for every level of fitness.

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